I’ve been struggling quite a while. With the blog, I mean. How to get the best articles : not too long (my Website keeper Giorgos tells me), not too short…

I thought, in order to get some “material” on the blog … let’s make them “substantial” ….

We’re about one and a half year later now. Giorgos, you were RIGHT ! I can better do them SHORT & EFFECTIVE ! Straight to the point & cut all the “scientific” facts/information.

So, from now : articles “new style”. SHORT – EFFECTIVE – READ THEM IN ONE MINUTE

Following the structure :

  • What it is
  • What it does (or is supposed to :-))
  • Main actives (YES OF COURSE DEARS)
  • Who’s it for
  • Should you get it – my opinion

Covers about everything you need to know; doesn’t it ? I could have figured this out about eighteen months ago ….

Thanks Giorgos, the message came through 🙂

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