I got the inspiration for this article from a question recently got : “ Is brand xxx clinical or not ?”

Without mentionning the brand this person asked me about, my answer was short & direct : “no, it is NOT, as you can buy it in a perfumerie store ….”

Shocking as this may be for some of you, my answer to the question “ What brands are truly clinical” is led by the following ideas :

  • Products that are available from perfumeries, beauticians or department stores generally are formulated, to be tolerated by all skin types, even sensitive ones. This inevitably means that concentrations, pH-values and combinations are adapted to a larger public.
  • Products from brands sold or prescribed by dermatologists, or sold at private clinics / in doctors’ offices DO take the risk of possible irratation/adaptation time, as patients generally are supposed to come back for follow-up treatments.
  • Products sold in perfumeries do not need clinical trials to prove their effectiveness.
  • Products sold by doctors/clinics do generally have (lots of) clinical studies to prove their claims.

Next question that rises is : “Are clinical products always better ?”

Honestly : No, I don’t personally thinks so ….. BUT, they will give you more RADICAL and faster results than any other product. This, for me, is a FACT.

Being an ambassador for the Neostrata brand (AND it’s daughter brand Exuviance, both owned by Johnson & Johnson), I know what clinical trials & tests mean and what a truly clinically formulated product can do. That’s why I simply get angry when I see other brands claiming to be “clinical” simply by the fact that they use certain ingredients. “Clinical” sounds good and makes sales go up, it’s as simple as that. But ask these brands for THEIR own clinical studies ….. You won’t get them, because they don’t have them.

There are several good clinical brands available. There are some excellent non-clinical brands available. But there is a lot of confusion too. That’s why I felt the need to write this article. I’m generally a nice & easy person. But just don’t get me angry. Especially not in the cosmetics field 🙂

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