All hair types

Non-foaming cleansing cream

Every now and then I like to “splurge” on a product that falls into the category of “budget buys”. So does this one. Well, it used to, because it was in fact a second buy for me, but I had to spend about the DOUBLE to get this one this time….

Yves Rocher beauty shops always look like delightful gardens of beauty where the “all natural” rule seems to be the only truth. Plants, flowers, you name it, as long as it’s natural. And most of the time, products are on a kind of –  what seems to me like –  a  permanent offer, which makes you SAVE a lot of MONEY. Well, you think you save a lot of money when you look at the “original” price tag that always comes with the “offer” price tag…..


Unfortunately, I walked in at the wrong moment and it wasn’t my lucky day L. I paid my Low Poo Shampoo FULL PRICE (about nine Euros) and still haven’t digested that ! The girl in the shop told me they COULD IMPOSSIBLY put all items on offer all year round, because the company would go bust if they did.


Anyway, enough of that, I wanted the product and got it. Even at full price, this is an item that I seriously recommend to any of you troubled by an itchy, irritated scalp.

The formula, which is non-foaming and creamy, leaves your hair supple and soft, with absolutely no sticky or greasy feeling. I find, that there is no need for a conditioner aferwards, which is great also. Your hair feels ever SO CLEAN and FRESH and is easy to manage afterwards.

Agave Fructans and Hawthorn Extract were added to the formula to improve microcirculation around the hair bulb and to strengthen the hair shaft. Great, in case your worried by some seasonal hair loss (autumn) or damaged hair (coulour processing, frequent blow drying/curling).

Lauryl Glucoside is the active “washing” ingredient and this is derived from sugar.

This product proves (once again) that you don’t nead a “good foam” to get clean. Be it hair, body or face, by the way. It’s not the foam (like in soap) that gets you clean. It’s the emulsifying capacity of a product formula. This one get the job PERFECTLY DONE without any foam. Great job Yves Rocher!

Product type : “Low” Shampoo

Hair type : all, especially good for itch scalp, I’d say

Texture : creamy, non-foaming, leaves hair fresh & clean





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