Sensitive Skin

Face and Body

Immediately soothes skin thanks tot he formula enriched with organic Which Hazel that feels incredibly comfortable.

Protects skin thanks to a formula enriched with botanical oils. Skin is nourished in the shower.

I must say it’s the first time I ever pick up a “non-foaming” body cleanser. Well, in fact, some products I use form y face are recommended for body also, but it’s the first true body wash of this type I try.

As the product claims to be gentle enough for face also, I decided to give that a try also and used it as a second cleanse while I was in the shower. Honestly, I was PLEANSANTLY SURPRISED by the GENTLENESS of this product. Considering also, that this is an item I would put into the “budget buys” category !


The product itself compares to a cleansing cream or milk (not runny) and it has a very soft feeling on skin. The same goes for face too. After cleansing (and drying) skin feels supple, soft and hydrated, just likes the company claims.

Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera) and Shea Butter (listed as Butyrospermum Parkii) are – I suppose – the “botanical oils“ mentionned in the company’s description and they do their job just fine.

So, if you’re ready for something new, non-foaming, non fragranced (and thus not very sexy), but very, VERY GENTLE, go tot he Yves Rocher shop or visit their website and get yourself one of these!

Product type : face & body cleanser / Shower cream, non-foaming

Texture : creamy

Skin types : all

Fragrance : frangrance free





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