“ Acombination of extracts of Rose, Corn Flower and Witch Haze lto soothe, soften and refresh skin for immediate comfort.

Alcohol free

Spray Floral by Sisley is an ever so nice, multi-functional spray mist for face. Its plant extracts do indeed soothe, calm irritation (like RAZOR BURN, HEY YOU GUYS) and gives your skin an immediate feel of comfort & hydration.

You could perfectly use this spray after cleansing, INSTEAD of a toner (it IS a toner, in a spray), or after using an exfoliating product (be it an acid toner or a “scrub”).

Sisley is an upmarket brand and tends to be in the higher price range. Up to you if you want to splurge on this – LOVELY – product. I can just say I’ve been using mine for about two months now on a daily (morning) basis and it is still not finished. I recon i twill last for about three months with daily use.


This is very a very “pure”, uncomplicated but effective product. If you have sensitive skin, it is great. If you want something luxury, hydrating and you  like your toner in a spray, this one is for you. Unless you’re on a tight budget. But it will be X-mas soon, won’t it. NO this is NOT an add, merely a suggestion J!

Skin types : all, especially sensitive, dehydrated

Age group : all

Use : am/pm after cleansing or as an “in between” refreshment

Detail : the packaging is 125 ml, so don’t put it in your handbag when you go on a plane !!

My product was a press sample


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