Anti-aging cream

Version for normal skin

Repacell was introduced by Health Cosmeticals (part of the German Klapp Group) several years ago and has been an ongoing succes for years now.

Repacell offers an “in salon” alternative to several (expensive) upmarket brands and is available at spa’s and selected beauty salons.

It’s mode of action is based on “plant stemm cells”, which by no means are able to do any miracle, like some stories seem to imply. However, what plant based stemm cells CAN do, is offer your skin an extra boost of ENERGY and REGENERATION, simply by the fact that they contain a cocktail of active ingredients like amino-acids, peptides, vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals.

Good stuff, but just no miracle.


I personally love this product for its very REPAIRING properties, I had the experience once after having had a mesotherapy treatment done to my face. I looked like I just came out of a war zone, but Repacell treated the agression in just one night. Effectiveness confirmed, as far as I’m concerned.

You will mostly be attracted to this product if you like high-end, luxury textures and are looking for an all-round antiageing product.

Very nice when combined with retinol and/or acids !

Repacell cream comes in 5 different textures, which is GREAT, because it means you can choose depending on your SKIN TYPE/SKIN CONDITION. No other brand offers this many textures in just one product (to my knowledge).

Repacell Cream for Combination Skin (has a tiny bit of Salicylic Acid)

Repacell Cream for Normal Skin (my favourite)

Repacell Cream for Mature Skin (rich)

Repacell Cream for Sensitive Skin (with extra plant-based skin soothing ingredients)

Repacell Cream for Dry Skin (Ultra-nourishing)

Need I say more ?


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