All skin types

TIME is Içi Paris XL ’s private label and offers quality products for a very reasonable price.

“Ultra-rich formula that removes make-up, impurities and pollution without drying out the skin. The smooth balm texture transforms into oil on contact with the skin, melting on the face and giving instant comfort and suppleness”.

I must admit it is the very first time I’ve ever tried anything from this brand. And I was pleasantly surprised !

As you will possibly know, I’m all for balm/oil/milk cleansing. The milder, the better, I believe. Even if your skin is oily, there is no need to strip it … So I tend to stay away from anything foaming (there might bet he occasional exception to the rule) and prefer something based on oils, to clean my face.

This cleansing balm is just perfect. Indeed it is mild, leaves skin supple and soft, but above all, VERY CLEAN and FRESH. You will need a (mild) washcloth to take it off, but that’s just the way balm cleansers work. Use either a washcloth (see my previous blog on them) or a facial mitt to rinse of the product. Once you’re done, you can splash if you like (I do). Use tepid, not hot water.


I’ve been advocating a double cleansing routine (as many collegue bloggers do), but I must say this product works so well that you might be lazy and just clean in one application. Unless you’re wearing more than a light make-up. For me, just wearing SPF, one cleanse is fine with this product. Massage fora bout 15 seconds in order to get all “filth” dissolved.

Pricewise – especially if you’re on a budget – this is a really good bargain (around 13 Euros for 75 ml) and you’re getting a GOOD FORMULA for your money.

No mineral oil.

Active Ingredients : Camelia (Green Tea) Seed Oil, Mung Bean Extract, Glycerin, Sunflower Seed Oil. Mild, hydrating & anti-oxidative ingredients ; good job done !

Skin type : all

Age : all

Use : massage about half a teaspoon over face and throat, emulsify with some water, wipe with a washcloth or facial mitt. Splash if you want. Repeat if you’re wearing more than a light make-up. Follow your routine as usual.





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