Intense Regeneration Serum

Moisture and Glow

I personally believe the name of a product gives you all of the information you need to know about that product. Or, at least, it SHOULD. This isn’t always true for many cosmetic products where the name still leaves you wondering what for heavens’ sake you would want that product for … (still with me, beauty lovers ?)

Anyway, I like a product to deliver what it promises. That what the whole thing is about. That what my beauty blog is about. Analyse, trying out and make a conclusion. Nothing less, nothing more J

I already reviewed this product quite some time ago. As I’ve been trying it again lately, I thought I’d do a second review on the same product. A bit shorter, more compact J. Hopefully, this will help some of you choosing a serum.


This serum by Biotherm is bi-phased, meaning no emulsifiers have been used. What you get, is a watery liquid, with the oily phase present at the top half of the product and the watery phase on the bottom half. Shake it, and both phases will be mixed to give you a somewhat “rich”, intensely hydrating and nourishing serum.

Sodium Hyaluronate stands for plenty of moisture in this formula (amongst others) and Squalane (very popular at the moment) is a skin-identical ingredient that will replenish skin beautifully if your skin is dry and in need of some extra help & comfort.

Macadamia Oil is a source of essential fatty acids (also great for healthy, glowing skin) and Nastutium Extract gives you your daily (or nightly) ANTIOXIDANT boost.

There is also some Vitreoscilla Ferment to keep skin flora (good bacteria) in a good mood.

Conclusion :

Does it hydrate well : YES

Does it give you a glow : YES (instantly)

Skin types : rather on the dry side. My combination skin likes it in winter, not in summer (too rich).

Use : AM/PM under a cream or ALONE

Fragrance : yes, citrus-like smell, quite present upon application, fades after a while


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