Well, honestly, a lot, when it comes to work. Plus travelling, to Italy, our beloved place in Umbria, to see our friends, get some olive oil, and do lots of siestas J.

Workwise, my activities for several cosmetic companies (Klapp Cosmetics, Neostrata, Exuviance, Heliocare), have taken a lot of my energy and kept me from writing anything for the blog. Well, anything that I thought would make sense, anyway…

But here’s a little information about how things were for me skincare-wise, as any beauty fanatic will know : we NEVER stop caring for our skins, no matter how tired/busy we are !!

I’ve set off the Retinol for a while. Not that one absolutely has to, during summer, but it just seems one of these things many of us do. As I wrote in my previous blogposts, Retinol has been the NUMBER ONE miracle ingredient for me, especially when it comes to treating (old) acne scars. I’ve benn off the Retinol for at least six weeks (or is it two months ?) now, and I STILL see what it did for me.

In order to keep skin “going”, I’ve substituted the Retinol by some mild PHA and Bionic ACIDS, that are really a MUST TRY if you have SENSITIVE skin and are looking for some active, yet gentle anti-ageing ingredients.


I truly LOVE my NEOSTRATA Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream (10% PHA – Polyhydroxy Acid) and Bionic Face Cream (12% mix Bionic & Polyhydroxy Acid), which is EVEN MILDER, but does give visible results when it comes to fine lines and pore texture.

Furthermore, I’ve started the EXUVIANCE Brigthening Serum, that I line to alternate with a super hydrating serum by iUnik (Bèta-Glucan Power Moisture Serum). I’ll be writing about all these products in separate posts, because there is so much good information I want to share with you about these products.

I’ve also recently discovered how soothing and hydrating the MIssha Time Revolution Essence can be, especially when skin is a bit “under stress”, and I must say the Korean do a great job when it comes to formulating a good essence. But then, THEY created the “essence”, didn’t they ……..

So, at the moment, this seems to be my ideal summer skin care. Mild, but still active & effective.

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