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I haven’t been discussing many body products on this blog since I ever started writing about products. Obviously, the focus is more on facial skincare rather than on body care, but I thought it would be nice – in the future – to discuss some body & hair products too.

Moussant Familial is a nice, gentle and really “all over” body & hair product, that offers a good ALTERNATIVE for those of you who are seeking for an SLS or SLES free body wash. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and its somewhat milder “brother” SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ester Sulfate, also know as Sodium Laureth Sulfate) are not favorites amongst many bloggers. Let me try to explain to you why.

In order to make a product FOAMING (not : “cleansing), you need substances that are known as “surfactants”. There are many surfactants on the market, but the most commonly used ones in cosmetics (shampoos, body cleansers and facial foaming cleansers) are called “sulfates”. Most widely used are SLS and SLES. SLES has replaced its more harsh brother SLS since quite a few years now, but it’s still a substance that could EVENTUALLY, cause some irritation or dryness, if you’re senstive to it.


There is a tendency, amongst bloggers and beauty lovers, to seek for SLS/SLES free products, which I fully understand, but remember that a cosmetic formulation (and its result) depend on more than just ONE ingredient. Meaning : I have also been trying several SLS/SLES free prodcuts for both body and hair and my conclusion is, that some are truly MILDER, while others are actually even HARSHER than the other ones ….

The main problem is, is that a “sulfate” will always remain a “sulfate” and as it foams beautifully (like we like our cleansing showersgels to do), it will always be somewhat drying to your skin….

Anyway, this one is a great, gentle product that uses two mild(er) surfactants : Ammonium Lauroyl Sulfate (still a sulfate !) and Cocamidoprpyl Betaine, often used in “baby” products. There is also extract from Saponaria Officinalis, a naturally “foaming” plant, but it doesn’t replace the sulfate fully.

Its smell is very subtle, rather like a tiny bit of methol (which isn’t present in the product). The only frangrance ingredient present is Citrus Paradisi Oil (Limonene), but this product doesn’t smell of citrus at all.

I’ve been using it on both body & hair (like Cattier tells you to do) and it works well for my skin and hair, although it tends to be (much)  less conditioning than the shampoos I’m mostly using (will put some shampoo reviews on the blog soon).

Conclusion : nice, fresh product. Works well for  the entire family. Doesn’t dry out skin. Almost “fragrance free”.

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