Yes dears, I know …. It’s been a long time no see …. Sorry for that, but sometimes life takes you on a tour you didn’t plan.

Summer was a bit rough, lots of emotions and hard facts of life to get through. Don’t want to go into details, but when one of your beloved ones is urged to hospital in a crititcal state, everything else just becomes less important.

But I’m back. Battery filled. Good energy & good vibes J

By the way : CHER was back also ! Did any of you see her in Amsterdam or Sportpaleis Antwerpen ?

She’s AMAZING !! 73 and still rocking and looking better than ever. “Genes & gymnastic” (like she always says) DO pay off, obviously. It gives me hope for the future. Keeping fit is soooo important !

Looking good, too, by the way. So let’s focus on some new brands I’ve been trying out/working for lately. I hope you will like them. Of course, Neostrata and Exuviance are still there. So is the German Klapp Cosmetics. The new ones are French and I LOVE them. You’ll see, I’m sure you like them too !


Vive la France, i’d say and enjoy some new articles !

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