Refreshing Skin Tonic

Active Ingredients :Hydrogen peroxide, essential oils.

Sometimes there are products you just don’t get. Formula-wise, I mean. Sometimes you’e amazed about how wonderful a product can be, sometimes you’re left speechless and just think : “what the f… were they thinking when making this formula”…..


This is one of the RARE cases I just cannot find ANYTHING positive about a product. Yes, sure, “refreshing” it is, but at the cost of a lot of oxidation (hydrogenperoxide, potentially damaging your skin cells), PLUS a whole lot of – yes I know, LOVELY – essential oils, which do NOT make things better.

So I’m left speechless, with the only advise there is to give you : skip this one, even if it was a present (mine was), even if it feels sooo refreshing and smells so nice. This is definitely a NONO option for me.

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