With Acerola

“A highly effective concentrate of water-soluble vitamin C, enriched with Acerola. This superfruit is rich in vitamin C and works as an antioxidant. Skin ageing and dehydration are prevented, free radicals are neutralized  and collagen and elastin production are boosted. Skin’s moisture balance is improved and discolorations are visibly reduced”.

For mature skin, wrinkles, age-spots and discolorations, sun damaged skin.

I fully agree.This must be one of the stronger vitamin C products on the market, using Ascorbic Acid in a stabilized, watery solution. Ascorbic Acid is extremely difficult to stabilize in a cosmetic products, reason for which many brands look for other, more stable alternatives like MAP and SAP (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate). Some skin care experts, however, consider the Ascorbic Acid form to be more effective. I personally don’t really have an opinion on this and believe both options can be great, depending on skin type and problems one has to treat.


The reason for putting this product in the “stronger section” (meaning it will have a percentage of about 15-20 percent Vitamin C), is that I personally can NOT use it while I’m on Retinol or AHA’s (Fruit Acids). My skin just cannot take all these actives together.

On its own, however, as a course of several weeks, this product is great. Powerful, lightening and giving skin a more even skin tone. I believe someone with serious hyperpigmentation problems/Melasma should absolutely check out this one. Great after acne too (think discolorations).

Texture :watery

Age group :all

Use :after cleansing, just using A FEW drops. Follow with moisturizer/SPF



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