“ Hydranov improves skins’ ability to lock-in moisture. From the very first application. It holds water molecules and works 3 times faster than hyaluronic acid. Hydranov is extracted from a red algae, Furcellaria lumbrilicalis and stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Skin becomes firmer and more supple and looks smoother & younger.”

Dehydrated skin, first signs of ageing.

To begin with :moisture serums are always great. Especially oil-free ones, like this one, because EVERYBODY can use one in his/her skincare routine.

This one just works great. I’m not sure the claims of being 3 times faster than hyaluronic acid, makes a real difference to skin, but it suerly does its job of hydrating/smoothing the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid serums are always a good idea. Wether you have dry skin or oily skin, are dehydrated or even acne-prone.Hyaluronic Acid will improve your total and GLOBAL skin condition and is ALWAYS worth the try.


I particualarly appreciate this product’s light, highly moisturizing, yet not-sticky-at-all texture. Is absorbed immediately. You can even layer it with other serum, works great underneath (I prefer) or on top. Great product to combine with AHA’s (Fruit Acids) or when you’re using some stronger form of Retinol (like me using Exuviance Retinol Booster).

For people suffering from acne, a hyaluronic serum (like this one) can represent a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT in skin healing as most dermatologic treatments tend to be quite DEHYDRATING and make skin HEAL less fast.

Texture :gel-like

Age :all

Skin type :all

Use :after cleansing, before another serum/cream/moisturizer/SPF


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