I’m honestly not all that into “face polishing” or scrubbing my face with any product containing “polishing” granules. I normally prefer exfoliating my skin on a daily basis, using either acid toner products or “stay on” fruit acid creams or lotions.

But this little gem is an exception to the rule….

As soon as you feel this product on your skin– and apart from the DIVINE SMELL – (yes thank you, I DO KNOW this is not what makes skincare great), you feel litterally THOUSENDS of small micro-particles touching your face. Massaging the product all over your face (and neck), you feel an intense, yet VERY controlled action of both the polishing granules AND the added GLYCOLIC ACID and PAPAYA enzyme, which act as “chemical” exfoliants.

The results are GREAT & IMMEDIATE !

This is what I clearly saw after just one application :

  • Refined pore texture
  • Brighter, luminous skin
  • Better hydration, skin is soft & smooth
  • Instant glow


What is there not to want from this product ?

I must admit it took me quite some time to even look at this product. Like I said, my experiences with face scrubs (even the expensive ones) are not great. Being an ambassador for the Exuviance products since a while, I just HAD TO test it. I’m convinced. Best scrub ever.And in fact, the word “scrub” is badly choosen. It a miracle in a jar, well tube, actually. A must have for all of you looking for a glowy skin.

Skin type :all, if very sensitive, ask for a sample before buying

Texture :creamy, millions of small polishing particles, DIVINE SMELL

Age : all, but especially over 30, considering the glycolic acid with anti-ageing benefits

Use: after cleansing your skin an before using any essence/toner/serum

Where to buy: official Exuviance depositories/ therapists


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