Intense regenerating serum

Moisture & Glow

All skin types

“ Our first liquid serum, shake to activate the power of millions of moisture micro-droplets. This exclusive dual texture melds instantly to penetrate fast and intensely restore skin’s glow. In one application, a visibly glowing skin and 24H of intense regenerating hydration. Even the dullest complexions are visibly transformed. Refined skin texture, more luminous skin complexion”.

For the record : I love French brands. I love Biotherm. I love serums.

I just think this one is a bit “overhyped”. It’s nice, definitely. It hydrates, absolutely. It will even improve your glow, I agree. But it’s just not some new skin-changing product you would think it is after reading Biotherm’s description.

Aura Concentrate is a dual-phase serum.This means no emulsifiers have been added. Normally, creams/lotions/creamy serums all have emulsifiers to mix up water and oil. That’s what emulsifiers are for. Without them, water and oil separate and you get a serum like this one. And you need to shake it up just to make both water and oil in the product mix together. Very nice it looks, but it doesn’t represent any improvement from the skincare point of view. Of course, it isn’t bad either.


Aura Concentrate does contain some nice, plant-based antioxidants, like Vitamin C and Nasturtion Extract, which means it will help protect your skin from environmental damage. There is Hyaluronic Acid too, for extra MOISTURE and Squalane (from olives), helping to restore skin barrier.

The formula itself is quite good (to my humble opinion) and will suit practically any skin type, from very dry to combination. Oily skins might not like the oil phase of this product.

One little drawback: the product has a nice, yet very distinct, citrus-like fragrance, which is quite strong. So in case you have very sensitive skin, this might be a problem. My skin, for example, will not tolerate it after a few nights of Retinol. Apart from that, I’m good with it and like using it on “dryer” skin days when I need that little extra glow Biotherm speaks about…. Good for your Aura !!!

Texture :water & oil, shake-up formula

Skin types: all

Use: after cleansing, as under your moisturizer/SPF

Ages: all, but I definitely you need more glow after 40 J


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