Bionic Face Cream : 10 PHA

Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream 12 Bionic/PHA

Neostrata’s Bionic Face Cream and sister product Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream have been new discoveries for me. PHA’s and Bionic Acids (Maltobionic Acid and Lactobionic Acid) are considered as the “new generation” of Fruit Acids and also as a very promising group of new “Anti-Ageing” ingredients.

Neostrata, famous for its AHA – “classic” Fruit Acids – products, featuring mostly Glycolic and Citric Acid, has turned the milder way with the introduction (not that they are new) of these products.

Fact is, that not everyone of us can tolerate the full force of AHA’s in, let us say, a still reasonable (effective) dosage. AHA’s can be quite irritating for some and are therefore best tolerated by persons with a non-sensitive skin type.

But what to do if you’re unfortunate and DO HAVE a SENSITIVE skin ? Well, the answer is right here ; just turn to the milder options containing PHA/Bionic Acids.

The Bionic Face Cream is a RICH, yet not greasy, very hydrating and nourishing formula, that is considered (by Neostrata) as the ideal “post-procedure” option. Meaning you can use it after and during a series of professional peels. Not everybody with a rather oily/combination skin type will appreciate its thicker texture, but I must say I personally LOVE it.


The Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream is a better option if you want something LIGHT, yet very HYDRATING without the comforting feel of extra NOURISHMENT. The texture is really nice and sinks in in seconds, which makes it the better option for anyone looking for a powerful, yet light-textured moisturizer with this type of mild acids.

The BENEFITS of both products can be compared to those of an AHA product, being :

  • Improvement of cell turnover, meaning :
  • Better skin texture
  • Better hydration
  • Improvement of skin tone (think : hyperpigmentation)
  • Improvement of skin firmness and elasticity
  • Diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles

So about anything a well formulated (i.e. acidic with low pH) AHA product would do, but with less risk of adverse reactions. Of course, it will take some more time to see real improvement, but normally you should begin to see the first results after approximately two months of regular use.

Although both products are being marketed as “very mild”, I would still advice you to introduce them to your routine in a step-by-step way, like 2/3 times (night) a week fort he first month, to see how well your skin tolerates them. They’re still acids, after all !

Neostrata products can be bought in private clinics (Netherlands) or through your local pharmacy (Belgium).

Neostrata products are fragrance free.


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