Intense Smooth Radiant Complexion

Anti-fatigue &  anti-ageing

Mature skin

Tolerance dermatologically tested

Active Ingredients:

Avena Sativa (Oat Kernel) Extract : skin soothing

Hydrolized Lupine Protein : skin soothing

Sodium Hyaluronate : hydrating

Medico Sativa (Alfalfa) Sprout Extract : anti-oxidant, cell-protecting

The sky is the limit !At least, when I read the title/subtitles of this product. Must be something truly GREAT ! You all know, I DO love a nice FRENCH product. And, although science comes before anything in my book, we are ALL subject to marketing, nice packaging and looks.

So far so good… But feel where I’m getting at ? Hmmm this little gem wasn’t so much of a special thing to me. I must admit, I had VERY HIGH EXPECTATIONS; Radiant, Smooth, isn’t that what we ALL want to be? I’m not really sure if I’m in the “mature” skin category yet, I must admit, but that couldn’t keep me from wanting to try and find out for myself.


The product is a cross between a cream and a balm. It has a rather thick, balm-like texture that needs to “melt” into the skin, but is surprisingly well absorbed. So for texture, I must give all my compliments. The product, however, did NOT do much for my skin, if I compare it to, for example, a serious AHA or retinol cream, but maybe I just shouldn’t compare it to that.

The problem is, that when you read the label, you just expect a CHANGE in texture, or at least some visible difference in radiance. None of this happened, unfortunately …. And I honestly WANTED to LOVE this product, just because of my deep sympaty for smaller, less known brands.

Bottom line :if you are a typical “dry” skin type (I don’t mean just dehydrated), you might eventually love this product as a primer or pre-make-up product. If you’re looking for something quite spectacular in terms of pore texture/small acne scars/fine lines, don’t expect a lot from this product.

Skin types :the texture is definitely balm like, so I’d say dry skins. Oilier skins will not like its richness.

Age :mature, the brand says, and maybe that’s just what I’m not (yet J).

Texture :rich, balm-like.

Fragrance :very light, nothing too strong.

Note :as you will probably use this during day time, don’t forget to use an SPF also, as this product does not contain any UV filters and doesn’t protect you against harmful light.




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