As many of you that follow my blog will know, I’ve been working my way up the Retinol ladder and can actually use a “full-strength” Retinol product on an (almost) daily basis.

For those of you who are new tot he blog:Retinol is a stronger version of Vitamin A and is considered (by dermatologists) to be THE most powerhouse active ingredient in the cosmetic world.

Retinol can be used for wrinkles, post-acne scars (like I have), but also for hyperpigmentation and open pores. It improves almost ANY skin condition and should be in every “anti-ageing” routine.

Fruit Acids (AHA’s & BHA’s) are equally interresting because they also stimulate cell turnover and – contrarely to Retinol – work from the outside in (Retinol works from the inside out, by stimulating the deeper skin layers). Fruit acids are famous for improving skin texture and also work for many skin problems like wrinkles, fine (dehydration) lines, sun spots and enlarged pores.

Thus, Retinol and Fruit Acids are an excellent match. However, as both tend to be a little irritating when you start them, and as it takes a while for skin to get used to both, it is better to start them gradually, one by one.

As I told you, I’ve been skipping the “acid toners” for a while, in order to get my Retinol sorted and now am gradually introducing them back in my routine. MILD ones, however, like Clarins Doux Exfoliant and Wishtrend Mandelic Acid Skin Prep. Nothing too strong for now….

What I’ve also been doing, is using a 10 percent Glycolic (AHA) skin lotion once a week, instead of the Retinol. And that seems to be perfectly fine !I currently have the Neostrata Ultra Smoothing Lotion and I reaaly LOVE it. It comes in a 200 ml (!) tube and is meant to be used for both BODY and FACE. Of course, Neostrata makes other, more sophisticated face care products, but I thought I’d kick off with something simple.

Altogether, I’m trying to build up a steady routine with the ongoing use of Retinol and AHA’s. Both should also be your favourite ingredient if you’re struggling with one of the issues I mentionned before. Next step will be the introduction of Vitamin C to my routine. I’ve been using several types of vitamin C drops off and on for a while, but reading many dermatologists’ reports and collegues’ blogs on this active ingredient, I believe it also deserves a place in almost anyones routine! More of this next time.

See you soon !

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