SKIN MOMENTS 7 : all about the essentials

My skin care routine has never been so clear and uncomplicated. Ever since I decided to give Retinol a serious go, I’ve been working my way up to getting my skin used to a “full-strength” (although non-prescription) Retinol.

Exuviance it is, like I told you last week. The Super Retinol Concentrate, a time-released, micro-encapsulated formula. I adore this product. PLUS : I start seeing the results on my skin. Pores are better (I’m an ex acne patient), skin is smoother and looks brighter. I still think I look a bit tired around the eyes, but retinol might not be what I really need there. PLUS : you can’t go too near around the eyes, because the stuff is just too strong for that sensitive part.  We’ll see about that later. For all the rest : I’m in love with this product.

I apply it almost every evening now, after a mostly fragrant-free cleansing & toning. Retinol is known to be a bit irritating to skin, so I prefer to keep the cleansing as innocent as I possibly can, although I’ve also been sneeking in my (also) Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Cream, which does have fragrance. Otherwise it’s Ceravé Cream Cleanser and Klapp Cosmetics Bèta-Glucan Cleansing Milk (and toner).

For extra moisture, I sometimes apply the fragrance free Klairs (Korean) toner, which is in fact a “gel-toner” and is really, really moisturizing. I’ll do an article on this type of product (also called “essence”) soon.


Apart from that, it’s been only retinol. At night time, that is. During the day, I’ve now been working up my routine with a daily dose of Vitamin C serum, either from Nazan Derma Care or Mad Hippie. The Mad Hippie also has some Kojic Acid, which is good for hyperpigmentation spots. Both products are great and are non-sticky (very important to me).

On top of the vitamin C serum, I usually put some Hydraluron or Nazan Derma Care Hyaluron serum. Like the others, both are absolutely non sticky and absorb into skin perfectly.

On top of this : SUNSCREEN ! Your one and only TRUE anti-Ageing daytime product. I personally love the Heliocare Range, they offer every possible texture and are good value for money.

So you see how simple I got ? Just the essentials ! I might add some more anti-oxidants next week, or start using an eye cream,  but so far, so good, I love my actual routine !


See you next week !

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