This week’s skin care routine was all about me keeping up with my daily use of a “full-strength” non-prescription RETINOL night cream.

Retinol is considered to be the king (or is it “queen?) of skincare. It does about everything we like a skin-ameliorating product to do :

  • Improving pore texture
  • Taking care of even skin tone & hyperpigmentation
  • Evening out acne scars
  • Improving fine lines and deeper wrinkles
  • Firming skin

No wonder practically any dermatologist will advise you to use some form of retinol. I already wrote about retinol in some older posts, but just for the record : you can opt for either a prescription or non-prescription strength retinol. I can persononally not use the prescription (acid form, also called retinoic acid) version of retinol.  It is way too strong for me, so I am experimenting with several non-prescription “true” retinol products at this moment.

To get “into” the retinol, I first alternated Klapp Cosmetics Micro Retinol Soft Cream and the Retinol Booster for a few weeks. These products are ultra mild, but do have the precious ingredient, so your skin can gradually get used to something stronger. One step up was the Nazan Dermacare Retinol Serum, which percentage I’m not sure about. I guess it must be about 0.25 percent, which is already a good step up, when you are looking for serious results. I used this for several weeks, off and on, and finally started alternating this product with the EXUVIANCE RETINOL CREAM, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE !!


But beware ; this is a FULL ONE PERCENT MICRO ENCAPSULED Retinol, and this is STRONG!! I am actually using it for about 5 nights a week, leaving my skin to “rest” on the other two nights.

So what does my routine look like now ? Here it is :

  • GENTLE cleansing with KLAPP BETA-GLUCAN milk or CERAVE cleansing cream, alternated with CLINIQUE FACIAL SOAP (which is not a soap, by the way, but a gel-cream) EXTRA MILD. All these product are fragrance free, which I prefer when my skin is under stress.
  • Lots of moisturizing toners & essences, like KLAIRS and LEEGEEHAAM.
  • MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule as a “prep”.
  • EXUVIANCE Retinol Cream.
  • CHANEL La Solution 10 cream on top.

This is my nighttime routine for now. Daytime is gentle, mostly the same as nighttime, but without the Retinol. I also like to use Embryolisse Secret de Maquilleurs daycare instead of the Chanel cream. And I ALWAYS wear an SPF of 30 (at least 30, will replace it by a 50 soon).

So, as you can see, it was all about “retinolling” this week. Important to me, because I do struggle with some ancient acne scarring and open pores. Will keep you posted about how things progress!

See you next week !

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