This weeks routines have been a lot about building up my skin during the ongoing use of Retinol and some occasional use of a – stronger – peeling pad. I love to use some exfoliating acids on a regular basis ; it gives me the absolute feeling of keeping my skin “active” and going at its best.

So in the beginning of the weekI did 2 consecutive nights of Chamomile Cleansing Oil by the Body Shop, which – like you will know from my previous article – is very mild & effective and is ideal when you have some stronger treatment in mind.

This week, I also liked alternating with the Korean Banila Co Purity Cleansing Balm. This is a beautiful, deliciously scented and effective product, which gives you the mildest possible clean. It is, however, VERY EFFICACEOUS at removing (tinted) sunblock or BB  creams from your skin. Peeling, with an acid toner, was a bit on the stronger side, with 2 consecutive nights of Neostrata Smooth Surface Daily Peel, a product based on 10% glycolic acid.

Glycolic acid works like a miracle on my skin. It is famous for its skin purifying and anti-ageing benefits and should have a place in anyone’s skin care routine. It helps dislodge impurities, deals with hyperpigmentation spots and also works great on fine lines and wrinkles, by its COLLAGEN PROMOTING action. The Neostrata Peeling Pads are great for the lazy ones amongst you, because they are ready-to-use.Fabulous when you’re in a hurry (who isn’t these days?). Be aware, however, that they are STRONG, so don’t do them every day if your skin is on the sensitive side. I tend to exagerate in my enthusiasm and then my skin isn’t happy at all !


After such a peel, my skin always needs a serious “moisture drink”. This week I opted for the lovely SVR Hydraliane Essence. This one is really unique, because it sooths, calms and moisturizes in just seconds. Ideal after some stronger acids !

Retinol, still from by beloved Nazan Tastan, has been on the menue every single night and will continue to be for the next few days at least. I’ve combined it with the very REPAIRING Missha Time Revolution Ampoule, which is, in fact, a copy of the famous Estée Lauder Night Repair (see my article on this legendary product). It is full of plant-based anti-oxidants, plus fermented ingredients that help skin find its balance in more difficult periods. We’ve had very cold weather and I’m doing Retinol now, som y skin can do with some extra help.

For nighttime, I like to use my CICAVIT repairing cream, which has helped me dealing with some post-surgery scars last years (see my review on this product). I’m planning to use it up on my entire face now and love it especially at night, to “seal in” any serums I’ve been using before. It’s a great product for those of you seeking for a skin-soothing, inflammation-reducing and repairing product.There will be an separate article on this product on my blog also.

Like you can see, taking care of your skin needs little adjustments regularly. It doens’t mean you need a wardrobe full of products, but it is nice to have a few different in each category (cleansers/serums), so you can adjust your regimen, according to your needs.

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