Hello you guys ! This is the third blog post about my skincare routine. Reading the two older ones, I realize how versatile skin and skincare can be. This is one of the reasons, it is so important for us to look at our skin well. Don’t stop at “skin type”, but rather treat your skin according to your skin moments.

I was tired these last few weeks – and so was my skin. Moving houses, plus a drive up and back to Italy (to sell our second house), has been stressfull and tireing. I ended up having a bad cold, which I still haven’t gotten rid of as I’m writing this post. Anyway, things will get better, but it’s always a challenge to keep skin fit during those more difficult moments in life.

Cleansing has been mild, as usual, alternating both cleansing oils with mild cleansing milks and creams. Body Shop Camomile was popular, so was Céravé Cleansing Cream. I really do love this product. You know I’m a fan of double cleansing, but this product is sooo mild, yet soooo effective, I’d almost say one cleanse does it all. Almost ….. It removes grime, oily residue and (tinted) sunblock in just seconds, and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. As I have combination skin, it tends to become oilier on the T zone and dryer on the cheeks when I’m under stress, but this cleanser balances it all back to normal. Plus, it’s very budget friendly! Great buy!


Serums have been vitamin C from Mad HIppie and Retinol (night) from Nazan Tastan. The Mad Hippie vitamin C also has Kojic Acid, derived from a mushroom, that helps treating hyperpigmentation spots. Just what I need before spring will come. The Nazan Retinol is a great one too ! It has enough Retinol to make you see the difference, without having the strength of the strongest ones on the market. This is great, because you see it works, but without any irritation, even during “more difficult” periods.

For moisture, I continue to love Indeed Labs’ Hydraluron. Rather a gel than a serum, it absorbs immediately, without any sticky residue. These last few days, I alternated with Nazan Tastan Hyaluronic Serum (new), which I immedialtely loved. I ‘ll write a seperate post on this one, once I’ve had it for a while. It’s a very powerfull product, using a special technology to make the hyaluronic acid even more hydrating! Lush ! Both products are must haves for me!

New to the collection is the Embryolisse “Secret de Maquilleurs” (Make-up artists’ Secret) day cream. A very special product with a balmy texture, that helps improving skin surface immediately upon application. Nicely hydrating too, and although it seems like a balm, there is no sticky or oily residue. My combination skin loves it and  it and I  consider using it for night time too.

For the night, I ‘ve alternated Malu Wilz Thalasso Hydro Gel with Estee Lauder Nightwear. Both are classics. Not new on the market, but great product that moisturize without feeling heavy on the skin. Ideal for normal/combination skins.

Even in this grey weather, I kept using a sunblock. SPF 30 Gel from Heliocare. My favorite brand for SPF. Light, soft, creamy, not sticky. Not irritating to the eyes (important!), so they get my vote. Superb formulas and plenty of textures to choose from.

The bottom line is, I kept skincare moderately “active” this week. No acids, but a bit of good Retinol and lots of vitamin C to keep skin cells going. And lots of moisture, LOTS. That is always a good idea …

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