My dear friends and readers of the blog : I am truly, TRULY sorry, but there was not one moment in the past ten days to write another (second) “skin moments”. Stupid, isn’t it, how one can just be too busy/stressed out, to find even a few minutes to sit down and write about one’s skincare routines ?

Well, speaking about routines ; there were only few in these past ten days ….. Why, you will ask ? Well, we’ve been moving …… Horrible, well not the fact of moving houses, that IS indeed lovely. No I’m speaking about having to pack your entire life into boxes and the unpack them not knowing in what order to start, because there is still no kitchen, my office is a mess and well, you get the picture, I guess…..

So I kept things basic, very basic. Cleansing, Serum, Moisturizer/ SPF. Honestly, that’s all I did these last ten days. Mostly using my wonderfull Bodyshop Chamomile Cleansing Oil to clean my face, whiping it off with a cloth and warm/tepid water. No toner, didn’t know which box they were in…. Used Retinol from Klapp (from the Skin Boosters Series). Nice one, very, veeeeeerrrrrryyyyy mild. Mostly hydrating with a bit of Retinol. Just enough to keep my stressed skin going. Plus a Clarins Moisturizer for the night : Multi-Active Nuit, still ones of my most beloved ones. Hydration plus a few beneficial plant extracts. Nothing complicated. And Heliocare Satin Gel SPF 30 for day. Even in winter : there is light, so there’s UV Radiation. Plus the BLUE LIGHT from our computers, cell phones etc. Think of that and you will be wanting an SPF all year round.

No time for exfoliation, no acid toners or peels. No AHA or BHA serums. It’s time to introduce them back into my routine again. I found them today, together with my other (hydrating toners). I had put them in the same box….  Neostrata, Exuviance, Biologique Recherche, Clarins, Lancome, Klairs, Leegeehaam and Missha are back. Lush, lovely. Ten days is a long time when you’re a skincare junkie !

To be continued …..

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