“Temps de peau”they say in French. A beautiful way of describing how versatile skin can be. How quickly it can change from being “normal” to reactive, sensitive, stressed and even oily. Our skin changes all the time, from day to day, from week to week. So keeping your skincare routine up to date with your skin’s needs, is one of the most difficult things about being a beauty lover ….

As I worked a lot (abroad, mainly, involving long travel), my skin was stressed this week.Or rather, more sensitive than usual. Plus, I ‘ve been “retinolling” (thank you dear Caroline Hirons, for introducing this word to our vocabulary), meaning I’ve been using quite a bit of (potent) vitamin A products on my skin. Giving it a boost, an anti-ageing one, to be more precise. Times come when one needs a bit of that.

So cleansing has been very soft, alternating Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil with Origins’ Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil. Both are super-gentle, yet very effective cleansers/make-up removers. I personally believe there’s nothing better to clean your pores than a cleansing oil. Not only will it dissolve EVERYTHING on the surface of your skin, it will also DEEP CLEANSE your pores as “like dissolves like”, meaning the oil in the cleanser dissolves the sebum in your pores also. Think about it, it’s the most logical thing on earth !

I love both these cleansers, for mornings, to prepare my skin for (a hard working) day, and evenings, when skin is a bit stressed and/or out of balance.Skin feels super clean and comfortable with each one of them. When I’m in a “very soft mood”, I ‘ll have the Body Shop product, when I feel a bit more “aromatic”, I go for the Origins version (gosh that smell is beautiful!!). Both are great and work well for ALL SKIN TYPES, including sensitive and oily skins.

Another cleanser I like to use when my skin is a bit sensitive, is the Bèta-Glucan Cleanser by Klapp Cosmetics. This is a very creamy, fragrance free and ever-so-gentle Cleansing Milk. It’s part of the Bèta-Glucan series by the brand. Bèta-Glucan is supposed to calm down any skin reaction to external agressors and bring back sensitive skin to normal. For me, these products work beautifully. I use this cleanser both mornings and evenings. When I use in the evening, it is usually my second cleanser after an oil.

Leegeehaam (Korean) Hyal B5 Essence Toner & Serum were my favorites this week when it comes to treatments. The Essence toner is a very moisturizing, softening and smoothing product, that’s just GREAT when your skin is quite a bit DEHYDRATED or SENSITIZED. Together with the serum, it hydrates intensively and brings back a stressed skin to normal in no time.

Although the weather has definitely become darker and colder, we should always keep in mind, that light is present around us all the time (well during daytime, that is), so we should remember to wear a (light) sunscreen anyhow. I used up the last bit of my very beloves Estée Lauder Daywear, which is an ANTIOXIDANT rich cream with an added SPF 15. Great for winter days, I’d say. Antioxidants protect our cells from environmental damage, meaning they are a preventive form of anti-ageing for your skin. Embrace them, we need all the help we can get in our modern world…..

As you see, skincare was simple this week. No fuzz, just good basic hydration + protection. That’s all it took. See you next week !

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