Or shouldn’t we ? That’s a question that always comes back again. You might be a Lauder devotee, or fully in love with Clarins. Both things, I could imagine, by the way… But is there a real need to stick to just one brand ?

The anwer is : NO , you don’t need to !Although many cosmetic brands offer a full spectrum of skincare products from which to choose, there is no rule that tells you you MUST, by all means, stick to just their products. It might, in fact be that your best skincare routine, can be found in three or even more brands.

As a professional blogger, I try a lot of products. I love a lot of different brands. I discover new, lovely and actually WORKING products almost every week. So it is very difficult to say that one brand “has it all”. I can actually use about up to six OR EVEN SEVEN products in one routine (when I’m really in the mood), all of them coming from a different brand.

For example, I love Clarins cleansers and toners. Just believe they do a great job in this area of skincare. But my Retinol serum will come from a brand like Indeed Labs or Nazan Tastan. For a repair serum, I ‘ll go to Estee Lauder for their famous Night Repair Skin Recovery Complex, or I ‘ll go for its (much less expensive) dupe from Missha, a Korean brand that happens to be equally great. And my favourite eye creams (when I use one) are from Chanel.

The choice of a day cream / night cream is very personal too. Are you looking for a high-end product or just for something nice and hydrating ? Every brand has its own specificities and therefore also its specialty products. The trick is to find the right ones for you. The ones that work best for YOUR SKIN.

As long as you do your routine right, meaning :

  • Mild cleanser (best non foaming) first
  • Acid toner, if you like
  • Moisturizing toner or essence is a MUST
  • Serum (spend some money here)
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF during day.

Your moisturizer can be skipped if your skin is oily during daytime. A cream with AHA’s or fruit acids is great overnight. So is a Retinol serum. Plenty of options here ….. Most important ; ENJOY !

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