There are few things I get more questions about than toners. People – that is : consumers as well as beauticians – ask me a lot about the usefulness of toners. Do we really need them ? Or can we just pas by them ?

What should toners do ? Well, actually, let’s start with WHAT TONERS ARE NOT :

  • They are NOT meant to remove last traces of make-up : if there are traces, you should either change your cleanser or the way you cleanse your skin. Read my blog posts about this, if you’re interrested. (Cleansing Part 1 & Cleansing Part 2).
  • They are NOT meant to “rebalance” skin’s pH value. Even if they might mildly correct pH values after cleansing, if you need to “rebalance”, it would mean you used a very agressive type of – soapy – cleanser. I assume you don’t …..
  • They are NOT means to “freshen” your skin: cold water out of your tap will do this. A lot cheaper too !
  • They do NOT close your pores; pores cannot be “opened” or “closed” like some window blinds…..

However, toners play an important role as YOUR FIRST STEP in your actual skin-caring routine, as you will not take them of your skin. A good toner, for that reason :

  • Supplies your skin with moisture.
  • Has skin soothing ingredients that help skin building up its acid mantle.
  • Could contain some bonus ACTIVE ingredients like vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals etc.

The first point being the most important one. Toners should be your FIRST STEP OF MOISTURE.Korean brands are strong at “layering” products and this is just what I mean. By using a good, hydrating toner, your skin will receive a first layer of moisture that will help other precious (moisturizing) ingredients penetrate your skin. A well hydrated skin looks younger and softer. Plus, good hydration can help your skin build up more (better) collagen and elastin, which will help REDUCE WRINKLES and preventing SKIN SAGGING.

So, who was talking about skipping a toner ?


Remember, however, that not all toners are equal. I will be discussing a few nice ones in the coming months. Old-fashioned, alcohol-loaden toners are certainly “out”. Moisturizing, softening toners are actually “in”. This doens’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on a toner.It will mostly depend on your budget and personal preference. There are good toners to be found in all price categories.

 To be continued ……

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