One of the questions I get the most, is about pore size. Many of us are involved in a daily struggle – or should I say war – against open pores. Pores should be fine, almost invisble, ideally, don’t you think so ? That is what fashion magazines want us to think. And some beauty brands. Couldn’t this ideal be a little bit unrealistic ?

Your pores are, in fact, the “chimneys” of your skin.They eliminate sweat, excess oil and toxins from our organism. They have, in this context, a regulating function. In many cases, this function can be disturbed. By internal as well as by external influences.

Inside our body, HORMONES play an important role. Not only for you ladies, but men’s skin is also affected by hormones. Especially during (and long after, if you’re unlucky), puberty. Hormones cause our sebaceous (oil) glands to go wild and pores can not get up to the same speed as the oil production. Resulting in oily skin and …….. You’re right : OPEN PORES.

The same thing can happen during adulthood, especially in women, after or during menopause. The body changes and so does skin. Skin laxity comes around the corner and this is the result of changes in our dermis, where collagen (skin firmness)  and elastin (elasticity)  production take place. Laxity of the skin also means LAXITY OF PORES, so same thing again….


Apart from these internal influences, many external influences, can cause open pores or make them worse. Skincare – GOOD skin care I mean – can prevent this, or at least IMPROVE this condition.

A few rules for BETTER PORE SIZE :

  • Keep your skin CLEAN.Wash your face. Not too much, not to often, not with A WHIPE OR MICELLAR WATER! If you did so in the past, think you’ve just been moving the dirt around ! Pollution like exhaust fumes, diesel particles, smoke, free radicals, sweat, make-up/SPF all “cling” to your skin. Whiping them with a cotton pad or whipe won’t be very effective, will it now ? So be nice to your pores and get yourself a decent cleanser (read my other post on skin cleansing).
  • Get your comedones removed (in case you have them).By A PROFESSIONAL please.
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly.Not by “scrubbing” like a mad man/women, but by using AHA’s/BHA’s, meaning FRUIT ACIDS or your skin. You can apply them as a lotion, after cleansing, or as a night cream (several nights a week). This will REALLY HELP ! Neostrata makes some excellent AHA creams.
  • Use a CLAY MASK once or twice a week.Don’t let it dry too much, so make sure it remains moist (add some water) and remove after 10 min. Max.
  • Start using Retinol (Vitamin A) on your skin.It is a PROVEN ingredient for pore size (and many other things, like wrinkles). I’m not saying prescription Retinol (too strong), but the real one.
  • Stop using creams that are TOO RICH for your skin type.This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT CAUSES of LARGE PORE SIZE in women over 40 ! HYDRATE, don’t SUFFOCATE your skin. Use a light night cream, instead of a greasy (oldfashioned) one.
  • Consider using a special facial “dry” oil, with pore-size improving ingredients (like Clarins Huile Lotus).
  • Last but not least :use good moisturizing serums, based on HYALURONIC ACID, that will “plump” your skin and by doing this, reduce pore size. They will also provide great moisture and help regulate your skin back to normal.

By following this advice, you should see a clear improvement of pore size over time. If your condition doesn’t improve, seek help from a dermatologist/AESTHETICIAN specialised in cosmetic issues and go for a series of peels/laser treatments. But always take good care of your skin and follow the instructions above. Your skin will thank you for it !

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