If, let’s say, a couple of years ago, anyone would have told me I’d be praising Korean skin care products, I would simply have said that person’s mad …..

How things can change …Korean skin care has become one of the hottest topics on many blogs, in press reviews and even luxury womens’ magazines.

Fact is, that the Koreans have a different approach to skin care. Now that I’m speaking about it, this might be a good topic for another blog. For now, I ‘ll just stick to this product, the LEEGEEHAAM (how on earth are we supposed to pronounce this ?)  HYAL B5 AMPOULE.


Ampoules, in Korean, are serums, not little one ml bottles for single application, like we have them. Korean women (and men !) are very beauty-conscious and like A LOT of product. So, when they make a CONCENTRATE, a few little bottles in a box won’t do. They’ll want at least a 50 ml, like this packaging has.

The Hyal B5 Ampoule/Serum is probably the BEST HYALURONIC SERUM I have ever laid my hands on. Lovely, lush, instant results. Deeply moisturizing, soooo addictive.

A similar product would be the Louis Widmer Extrait Liposomal serum (reviewed), which is great too, but not half as moisturizing as this one is.

Remember how I – and that’s not me only – stress out how important HYDRATING your skin is? Well, this a perfect way to do it: just a few drops of this and you’re good for the day/night.Just some cream/SPF on top and that’s it. If you’re dry/dehydrated and never found what you were looking for, this little miracle might just be it.

Skintype:all, even very oily.

How to use:after toning, before a cream. If you’re a serum junkie and like to “layer” several serums, this is your first one.

Strong points:everything, non sticky, great price !

Weak points:couldn’t think of anything

Available through:My Little Wonderland (Webshop specialised in Korean skin care products)

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