Cleaning your face morning and evening is one thing.

Using a good cleanser is another.

Method, however, is equally important.

Many of us like to splash our faces. Water is nice and purifying. However, to get a really good result, using a washcloth would not be a bad idea. Whether you’re using a milk, an oil, a balm or a gel, imagine how many products “stick” to your face… Think of make-up, including all the “modern ones” like BB creams, CC, creams,  sunblocks and mineral make-ups.

To really remove them well, whether you like to splash or not, a washcloth is ideal. It can be either a “classic” one, or a more sophisticated version.  Some like to use muslin cloths, other micro-fiber cloths, but the latter I find a bit too agressive.

The best ones I have discoverd are those made by the German brand, Dr. Grandel (and its daughter company/ brand called Phyris).They are very soft and “fluffy” (see picture)and remove whatever you need to remove, really well, without causing even the slightest irritation.


Although I have the Grandel version myself, I could’t find them on their internet site. The similar Phyris are the only ones mentionned on their website.  They seem to be exactly the same as the ones I have. To get the dr. Grandel version  I use, get in touch with:

Ilona Blank Kosmetik.

+49 208 67 62 72

She also does marvelous facials, by the way !



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