As we’re all used to read articles, tips and whatever material about good skin care (like my blog) , here’s the opposite:what should you absolutely AVOIDto do in order to prevent PREMATURE AGEING.

  • Use peeling products with harsh/abrasive particles.Any “scrubbing” product that has particles that are not completely rounded, can do severe harm to your skin. Imagine you’re scratching your skin with a steel wool sponge …. Not very skin-friendly, is it ?
  • Pop pimples before they are completely mature or using a needle to open them. Pimples are very unpleasant, I know, I’ve been there myself…. You’d do anything (well almost) to GET RID of them. Remember, however, that any agressive treatment will only make things worse. Trying to “push” the liquid out of a pimple before it has a white head, is useless and will give you more redness and possible scarring.
  • Go to bed with your make-up/sunblock on. You’ve heard this one before, sure, but we need to stress the fact that certain substances can become harmful to your skin when you leave them on overnight.
  • Use products that don not require rinsing and have surfactants in them that dry out your skin.Meaning : you clean your face and the product you use contains something to designed to “wash” your make-up/dirt of your skin. But you don’t rinse it off. Because the manufacturer tells you you don’t need to….. Are you still with me ? “Washing” means cleansing substances or something that resembles soap/detergent. Get what I mean now ? AND YOU LEAVE THAT ON YOUR SKIN ! Absolute HORROR.  So forget stop being lazy and get into a good cleansing routine. (seem my articles on cleansing).
  • Copy your mother’s, friend’s or aunt’s skincare routine. Your skin is YOUR skin, not your mother’s. So it will probably need something different, won’t it ? Using the wrong products – even if they are good quality – will absolutely not help you maintaining a healthy, younger looking skin; Get professional advise and choose products according to your skintype and –condition.
  • Buy moisturizers designed for “mature skin” (whatever that may mean), when you still have a combination/oily skin type even when you are mature. As we age, skin texture changes. Oilier skin types don’t get as many (fine) wrinkles as dryer skin types do, but experience a change in texture with enlarging of the pores. If you use products that have too much oil for your skin type, this will get worse AND MAKE YOUR SKIN LOOK OLDER INSTEAD OF YOUNGER. So invest in a good serum and use a light moisturizer on top.
  • Foam:the more a product foams, the more it will dry out your skin. Robbing all the precious moisture (we are trying to preserve) out of your skin. The more a product foams, the more that’s what it does. That’s why diswashing detergents work so well. But not for your skin, please.

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