“ A gentle, soothing moisturizer formulated for sensitive skin and all skin types temporarily irritated by agressors, including pollution, climatic conditions, stress and non-invasive micro-dermabrasion. The complexion is re-balanced and nurtured into a more resilient, less reactive state”

La Solution 10 de Chanel is formulated with just 10 selected ingredients for optimal skin tolerance.

Many of us still remember the “older” versions of Chanel’s skincare products, that without exception were heavily perfumed. The last few years, however, Chanel shows us it is perfectly capable to produce high quality, state of the art skincare products, that will be appreciated for their efficacy.

La Solution 10 de Chanel is a well thought,  efficient and uniquely formulated product, that is outstanding by its simplicity.



Aqua: water.

Squalane: lipid extracted from olives, skin-restoring.

Lauroyl lysine: lysine is a so-called “essential amino-acid”. Amino-acids are the building blocks of proteins. Our collagen is a protein. Calms and softens skin.

Glycerin: hydrating ingredient, binds moisture into skin.

Green tea extract: a powerfull anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants protect our skin cells from agressions.

Shea butter: also known as “Karité”, nurtures skin.

Sodium polyacrylate: softens skin.

Steareth-21:  emulsifier, mixes water and oils.

Caprylyl glycol: moisturizing ingredient.

Phenoxyethanol: preservative.

By limiting the number of ingredients, the chance of allergic reactions is limited to a minimum.

Texture is light, creamy and non-greasy. Upon application, an immediate comfort can be perceived.

Who can use this? Apart from sensitized skin, I would easily recommend La Solution 10 for any skin type or skin condition. Oily as well as dry. Works great in alternance with “more powerfull” products containing Retinol or fruit acids.

Great product!

Chanel is available in perfumeries and department stores.

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