Beautysalon Chantilly

Every now and then I visit a beauty salon. Not by professional interrest only, but also to give my skin a boost.

This week we went to Chantilly, in the small village of Eigenbilzen, a few kilometers from Maastricht (Netherlands). The owner, Chantal Houbrechts, gives her clients highly professional treatments in her small, discrete salon she runs from her home. To Chantal, personal advise and  time for each client, are the key factors to her success.

We opted for a facial plus pedicure.

In my article “Should you go for a facial ?” I mentionned what to look for when you decide to have a facial/look for a beautician.

+ Chantal works with her exclusive “all-in one” principle, meaning : one price, all your skin needs. She will decide what is good for your skin that day.

+ Long time experience (30+ years).

+ Chantal is actually working on you all the time ; no endless masks !

+ Hygiene is optimal.

This was by far the best treatment I had in my entire carreer in the beauty business! This might seem exagerated, but when I look at my face now (two weeks later), it still shows.

Her unique combiation of stimulating (heating) mask, followed by an AHA peel, was new to me. Never thought it would work so well…. But it does, obviously.

Even if a facial can be nice/relaxing, it should also be a boost for your skin. This one certainly was!

Facial 75 Euros.

Pedicure 30 Euros. LASER TREATMENT for nail mycoses is available.

An absolute must!

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