The more the cosmetics industry evoluates, the more special terms and words are being used to convince consumers of how highly technological products can be.

One of the things I regularly come across is the idea of “self-adapting” or “intelligent” products. Ever heard of them? I suppose you have!

Meaning: products that “follow your skin cells rhythm” or “adapt themselves to your skin’s needs”.

Like anti-ageing creams or serums that know when your cells need a cetain substance and will deliver it on command. Or a cream or make-up product designed for a “combination skin” (parly oily/partly dry), that will hydrate the dry parts while mattifying the oilier zones.

Foundations or tinted creams that have a “self-adapting color”. Meaning that whatever your skin tone, the product will be right for you, because it will automaticlly match the colour of your skin.

Get back on your feet, PLEASE!

There is NO SUCH THING  as self-adapting, intelligent or whatever the cosmetic industry wants us to believe. Stop taking consumers for being stupid and focus on the science behind formulations.

Cosmetic science and dermo-cosmetology have been through a HUGHE development in the past ten, say twenty years. Ingredients have been PROVEN to work. That’s what it is all about.

Focus on what is good, make lovely, really skin-improving cosmetics and forget about all that crap. You don’t need that.  Thank you.

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