I have to be honest, I never really believed in eye creams. Not only did I consider them to be a total WASTE OF MONEY, I also thought that there was nothing the eye zone needed more than the rest of your face.

Paula Begoun, Beauty Guru and “Cosmetic Cop” also wrote about eye creams and described them as “ very little product for a lot of money “.

I thougt the same. Until she changed her mind. And I did too ….

“Eyes are the mirror of the soul”, as we often hear, or read in advertisements for eye creams. A good way of convincing tired people to try their luck with the latest eye cream.

Normally, eye creams do nothing for me, NOTHING. Some even cause me to wake up with swollen eyelids, or bags under my eyes  (which they are supposed to prevent). I never used to advise them to clients.

But then, giving a series of seminars to beauticians for a German cosmetics brand, I realised how many really professional beauticians (and I mean REALLY professional), believed eye creams to be one of the most important products in skin care.

So, now I’ve decided to give them a try. Not necesarilly for myself, but for the simple reason that so many of them give excellent results. Most ladies I spoke to at the seminars had a great eye contour and ALL of them used at least one eye product!  Having said this, nothing is more PERSONAL than an eye cream (well, maybe a serum ; we’ll come back to that).

After 40, our skin changes. Yes, I hear you saying : “not only after 40”, you’re right! But many of us start seeing the first signs of ageing around this age. Dehydration lines,  crowfeets, dark circles, you name it, after 40 we’ve got it ! So a good reason to decide and do something about it; or maybe a little before, from the age of 30, wouldn’t be a bad idea…

Try and get some samples first, I would say. Not every skin has the same reaction to a product. To  eyecreams in particular. And if you decide to give it a go, buy a good one. You’ll need to spend some money. Really good products don’t come cheap.

Plus, think reasonable: if your skin is generally dry, your eye contour will be even more, so go for a rich cream. If you tend to wake up with swollen eyes, a gel formula will generally suit you better. Fragrance free is best: an eye product should’t be fragranced.

Skin care, or rather skin improvement, can not be achieved in just a few days. But a few days can give you an idea of what a product could do for your skin.

Several brands make excellent eye creams (sorry, if I forget to mention some, this list is far from being complete):

Darphin (especially the Stimulskin), Clinique (All about Eyes, both versions), Estee Lauder (Night Repair Eyes), Chanel (the Hydra Beauty Eye Serum), Clarins (Haute Exigence Series), Klapp (Repacell), Paula’s Choice (hope you read my article).








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