Summer is coming and you might want to get your skin prepped for the warmer months. Just like seasons change, our skins’ needs change with seasons too.

As warmth, dry air from airconditionning and even changes in your diet, can affect your skin, there are a few things you can do to get your skin through the summer:

  • Change your moisturizer. In warm weather, your skin can not absorb as much nutrients (think oils), as in winter, so a lighter formula will be better.
  • Keep hydrated! Drinking enough liquids (not just water) will keep your skin hydrated from inside. “Eat your water” would also be a good idea : fruit, vegetables (soup), smoothies.
  • If you have been on a plane (or even during the flight), apply a leave-on hydrating mask: Clarins SOS Hydra mask is perfect!
  • Don’t forget your sunblock if you’re travelling by car: UV rays go straigth through the windows.
  • Vitamin C – as a serum – will prevent Hyperpigmentations (sun spots), and control existing ones. You can use it directly under an SPF, or under your moisturizer (with your SPF on top). Some of my favorites: Flavo-C, Helena Rubinstein Force-C, Vichy vitamin C serum.
  • A gentle cleansing milk will feel nicer than a cleansing oil during the summer. Clarins “Herbes des Alpes” or “Gentian” are excellent choices. So is l’Occitane Cleansing milk with Karité.
  • Keep up with your toner, especially because it is (should be) your first “layer” of moisture you apply to your skin. Glycerin, plant extracts and sodium hyaluronate are ingredients to look out for. Personal favourites: Lancôme Tonique Douceur (a classic one, reminds me of my mother), Clarins Chamomile or Iris, Clarins Wake-Up Booster (mornings, but evenings too if you feel like it), Klapp Repacell and Bèta-Glucan, Caudalie Grape Juice Toner, Indi Lee Co-Q10 Toner.
  • If your skin gets very oily during summer, or you feel it is getting out of balance, use a mild clay mask several times a week. I would advise you to massage it gently for a few minutes and then leave it another few minutes, instead of letting it dry for too long. This might bet o drying/dehydrating. If the products gets dry while you are massaging, just wet your fingers and continue. Follow with toner, serum and a (light) moisturizer. Cattier makes nice clay masks and the Clarins  and Origins masks are also highly recommended.

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