Many things in life are about balance. This goes for your skin too. But what does a BALANCED or UNBALANCED SKIN mean?

Our skin has a life – cycle. Our skin consists of three layers, from which the most upper one is called the epidermis. This part of our skin is in direct contact with SUNLIGHT, (DRY) AIR, POLLUTION and TOXINS. New skin cells are born at the bottom of our skin, in a layer called the “BASAL CELL LAYER”. New ceels gradually move up from this basal layer, until they reach the surface of our skin, where they eventually die and are eliminated by the natural EXFOLIATING PROCESS.

In a younger, healthy skin, this process takes approximately 28 days. In older or unhealthy skin, this might take longer.

The dead skin cells on the surface absorb MOISTURE and form the so-called “hydro-lipid barrier”. This natural PROTECTIVE LAYER is made up of oil, water and skin cells and has a brick-wall structure. It acts as a BARRIER to the outside world and keeps precious MOISTURE LOCKED IN and protects the important CELL RENEWAL process that takes place below.

As you probably know, moisture is one, or maybe THE MOST IMPORTANT factor in keeping skin look beautiful and healthy. If the skin barrier is impaired, and skin looses its balance,  it will almost immediately show.

Now what can YOU  do to maintain a HEALTHY SKIN and avoid it getting out of balance ?

  • Avoid strong, harsh cleansers, even if you think your skin is oily. Skin can not be “degreased” and the irritation resulting from strong (foaming) cleansers will only make matters WORSE.
  • Make sure you protect your skin from (sun) LIGHT. Although we all need some sun to feel good and produce natural VITAMIN D, keeping skin healthy means avoiding the STRESS and DAMAGE resulting from UV RAYS. Wear a SUNBLOCK over your skincare products EVERY DAY. (except dark winter months)
  • HYDRATE YOUR SKIN; SERUMS, MOISTURIZING CREAMS, HYDRATING (over night) MASKS will help achieving a perfect skin balance. Moisturizing doesn’t mean GREASY or over-oily products. Seek help from a certified beautician/skin therapist if in doubt about your skin type.
  • Use a light FACIAL OIL, even if your skin tends to be oily. Avoid formulas with MINERAL OIL or PARAFFIN, because they will only BLOCK skin’s natural moisture absorption from the air. LIGHT PLANT-BASED products with jojoba, almond oil an sunflower oil will be perfect for all skin types.
  • Really DRY SKIN can look for CREAMS/FACIAL OILS CONTAINING SHEA BUTTER (Karité) and SQUALANE (natural ingredient from olives).
  • Don’t put your face under the shower. Most people tend to shower with quite HOT WATER which is detrimental for your hydro-lipid barrier.
  • Don’t smoke (I’m sorry, but it’s really bad for skin).
  • Any product like TONER or SERUM smelling clearly of ALCOHOL might be over-drying. Keep the alcohol for your daily glass of wine. (a glass, not a bottle !)
  • If you wear make-up, be carfull with very “matte” textures. A healthy skin does NOT look MATTE, but has a light, natural shine. MATTIFYING products sometimes (not always) drink up your precious moisture from your skin.


I hope these few personal basic tips will help you find your way into a healthy, glowing skin.

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