We went back to Italy last week. “Back” meaning back to our friends, after have stayed there for almost two years. The land of sun, good food, exceptional wines and olive trees. And friends. We made quite a few during these two years….

Umbria comes just after Tuscany. Where Tuscany has hills, Umbria has mountains. High mountains. And a more authentic landscape, I would say. Wilder, greener, more mysterious.

Back to Italy means seeing our friends;  one week of fun, food and happiness. We miss them and they miss us. But my work as a cosmetologist and many professional obligations made it impossible to stay there.

Back to Italy also means olive oil and Limoncello. We get fresh, non-manipulated, lovely olive oil. From the trees that were in our friends’ family for many generations. Some are hundreds of years old. Olive trees as far as your eye can see….

Limoncello. Federico, my partner, got several receipes from an Umbrian lady. Secret receipes she never shared with anyone else. But she felt so much sympaty that she shared it with us.

So now Federico has set up a small business with BIO olive oil and limoncello. Plus a few other home-made products. It started with family and friends, but now has grown out to something quite succesful. And all ingredients come from there, of course.

So our week was wonderful. Jack, our Italian dog, also enjoyed his week. He loves pasta, but he’s Italian, so it’s in his genes !


Now we’re back in Belgium. With lots of happy memories, and lots of olive oil and bio lemons, not to forget. The oil has been bottled, Limoncello is ripening and I’m back to work. And home to my bathroom with (at the moment) fifteen cleansers, twelve toners, seven serums and nine creams. But I’m doing this for YOU! So I can blog about them and tell you what they are like. Good excuse, isn’t it?

See you soon, lots of love, Phil

Oh, yes, for  Limoncello and BIO olive oil, email to:

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