Philippe Cats

Obviously, we should clean our face. We all know this. How to, is the question.

The last few decades, cosmetic companies have been telling us that cleansing our face is one of the most important things about skin care. They were right, they still are right. But the different ways to achieve a clean face are not all equal.

Our grandmothers were used to soap and water. Or even just water. Why can’t we just do this ? Go back to simple, classic methods. It worked for them, so why should’t it work for us ? Both men and women ?

We nowadays all live in a polluted area. Not only those who live in a city are exposed to exhaust fumes from cars, cigarette, smoke etc…. According to several studies, published in different dermatological journals, the microscopic particals found in these fumes could be responsible for increased hyperpigmentation…

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