Are you going for a facial regularly ? Or were you planning to ? A good facialist can contribute to the overall condition of your skin. Here are a few tips to make the right choice:

– Experience. Choose your facialist according to the experience she/he has. A younger person does not have to be, per definition, unexperienced. Many younger facialists train with an experienced collegue/salon, before starting their own business.
– Professionality. Meaning: how does she/he present the salon (spa), how’s the website, what type of treatments does she/he offer.
– Brand. Don’t go because of the brand they’re using, go because of the person.
– Type of treatment. Before you decide where to go, ask yourself the question of what type of treatment you’re looking for. Wellness/relaxing or Intensive.
– “Anti-ageing” treatments often require the use of machinery (like Laser/LED). Articles about these will follow.
– Intake. Does the facialist do an intake before starting a treatment ? Questions about your expectations should be a part of the intake, as well as your medical background (discretely). No intake : stay away, I would say!
– Hygiene. Your first impression is most important here. Clean smell, but not smelling of desinfectant to make even the cat run away ! How’s the working material kept ? Clean towels before every new client. Soft background music and pleasant lighting. Might seem a bit over the top, but just imagine laying in a room lighted like an operation theatre. Not very pleasant, I assure you ….
– Price. Make sure you pay an “all-inclusive” price. No extras during treatment. Think of modelling of your eyebrows, extra masks. Should be clear on forehand.
– Ask how much time the facialist will actually be “working” on you. No use laying still with a clay mask on your face for half an hour. Do this at home ; you’re paying for the time !
– My believe is that the facialist should choose the right treatment for you. He/she knows what to do best. You’re not in a restaurant.

For very specific treatments, like stronger peels (Fruit Acids AHA/BHA) or acne treatments, go to a specialised salon. Some brands offer special training to their depositories. Make sure before you go !
Last but not least: your facialist can NOT replace your daily routine at home. A facial is meant to BOOST your skin. Your daily homework makes the real difference. In case you have a limited budget, just buy the best skincare you can afford and go to a facialist when you want to give yourself a treat.

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