I just discovered a new one this morning. Not one of the innocent kind, like a small crow’s feet. No, a real, vertical wrinkle running over my cheek. Horrible !

We all get older, and that’s how nature works. That’s why I dislike the word “anti-ageing” so much.Who would’t want to live long enough to get old ? Not everyone, unfortunately, lives long enough to be old. Of course, many of us like to age gracefully and prevent some signs of ageing.

You can’t turn back time ; our biological clock keeps ticking. Life style, genes and sun exposure are important factors when it comes to skin ageing.

Skin ageing takes place on different levels. Cell turnover slows down. Collagen and elastin production also. Collagen and elastin are responsible for skin firmness and elasticity and therefore determine the smoothness of our skin. As skin ageing depends on genes as well as lifestyle (think of sun exposure, smoking), skin care will not completely stop our skin from ageing.

Fine lines, dehydration lines; “craquelé” (like the French call very fine lines so nicely), all depend on the moisture level of our skin. Lines like these will disappear with good skincare. For this reason, I don’t consider these tob e “real” wrinkles.

A famous American pop star once said “genes and gymnastic” are the key to her ever lasting youth. She could be quite right about this. A healthy lifestyle is considered as a key factor in the ageing process. But what does this mean ? My personal opinion is, that one should have a sufficient intake of vitamin and minerals, to put it simply. If you don’t get enough of them with the things you eat, take a supplement. Seems quite logic, doesn’t it? I can already hear the protest of some of you. Yes I know !! Supplements don’t replace a healthy diet. But it’s better than nothing.

Proteins, we get from meat, fish, poultry, eggs and certain fruit, like mango. Soy products and beans can be an alternative to meat. Proteins are important because they contain amino acids, the building blocks of our collagen and elastin. As our body can’t produce all amino acids by itself, regular intake is very important.

Sun protection is essential. I belong to the generation that grew up with sunbeds. They were very popular when I was young. So were holidays in the south of France. Lots of sunburn followed by lots of “repairing” afer-sun. Very soothing, but the damage was done. It takes decades for this damage to show up. So sun protection is the rule. Always, even when the sun doesn’t shine.

These are just a few basic principles. In order to keep your attetion : topics like sun protection, wrinkle treatments and the latest salon/dermatological procedures will be dealt with soon. Promise.

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