What it is. A VERY HIGH PROTECTION SPF Gel texture with broad spectrum UVA/UVB Filters.

What it does. This product protects really SENSITIVE skin types (types I & II) from harmful sun rays. 50+ Protection means the HIGHEST level of protection you can get. Potent antioxidants protect your skin (from ageing) on a CELLULAR LEVEL.

Main Actives : broad spectrum chemical AND physical sunscreens give you a long lasting, OPTIMAL protection agains burning UVB and ageing UVA rays. Featuring Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide, PLUS the “golden standard” Avobenzone for the best protection you can wish for. The patented ingredient Fernblock offers high-level antioxidant (cellular) protection.


Who’s it for ? Everyone with a sun-sensitive skin in general, or anyone wanting the best (and lasting) protection during heavy sun exposure. This is the one I use when I’m at the coast, on the beach or even when taking a long walk outside. It’s the best one I ever came across, and is very helpful if you’re struggling with HYPERPIGMENTATION or MELASMA. If that’s the case, use it during the entire Spring-Summer period.

Should you get it? If you keep getting sun spots : YES ! If you’re worried about skin ageing : YES. If you need a reliable, long-lasting sunscreen : YES.

NOTE OF WARNING : although my PERSONAL experience is, that it’s a “long-lasting”, the advice is always to REPEAT application every two hours when you’re in the sun.


What is it ?

A gentle, alcohol-free toner with a polyhydroxy acid to GENTLY exfoliate skin.

What it does :

By removing dead, dull skin flakes from skin’s surface, it can help reveal a brighter, more even skin tone. In the long run, regular GENTLE exfoliation helps fight HYPERPIGMENTATION & signs of AGEING skin…


Main actives : a blend of botanicals (plant extracts) like rosemary, chamomile and cucumber. Soothing & cell-protecting (antioxidant). GLUCONOLACTONE : mild PHA ACID, help simprove/normalize cell turnover & purifies skin.

Who’s it for ?

According to the brand : delicate skin types.

According to me : ALL skin types benefit from this gentle, yet effective product.

Where to get it ?

From your skin therapist or  licenced beautician.





What it is : AMPOULES in a 2-weeks course (so 14) with 15% PURE vitamin C.

What it does : Helps PREVENT & REDUCE the visible signs of ageing and boosts skin radiance. A high concentration of STABILIZED vitamin C works as an antioxidant (cell protector) and brightens skin tone.

Main actives : 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Snail Secretion Filtrate, Glycoaminoglycans, Hyaluronic Acid.

Who’s it for ? Look at the actives, ALL-IN a pretty HIGH CONCENTRATION. Vitamin C as a BRIGHTENER, the other Actives, plump skin, improve overall SKIN STRENGTH and help repair skin barrier. Who wouldn’t want this ?

Should you get it ? Well, I personally love it and put it in my routine about 2/3 times a week. Evening, after a good cleanse & acid toner. My skin doesn’t like all vitamin C products, but this one is gentle enough, even i fit has a WHOPPING 15 PERCENT !!

Where to get it : farmacy, selected beauty salons and skin therapists.





A woman with an incredible voice

A talented actress

A whitty personality

No matter what some people say :

It takes a hell of a lot of courage to look this way at 74 !

So, dear Cher,

Thank you for your songs, your magic shows and for being such an inspirational person.

But most of all :

Thank you for being Cher

We love you



I’ve been struggling quite a while. With the blog, I mean. How to get the best articles : not too long (my Website keeper Giorgos tells me), not too short…

I thought, in order to get some “material” on the blog … let’s make them “substantial” ….

We’re about one and a half year later now. Giorgos, you were RIGHT ! I can better do them SHORT & EFFECTIVE ! Straight to the point & cut all the “scientific” facts/information.

So, from now : articles “new style”. SHORT – EFFECTIVE – READ THEM IN ONE MINUTE

Following the structure :

  • What it is
  • What it does (or is supposed to :-))
  • Main actives (YES OF COURSE DEARS)
  • Who’s it for
  • Should you get it – my opinion

Covers about everything you need to know; doesn’t it ? I could have figured this out about eighteen months ago ….

Thanks Giorgos, the message came through 🙂


With Rose & Chamomile Flower

Comfort Cleanser

“ Nourishing cream cleanser with mineral rich mud cleanses skin as it helps strengthen & soften. Rose & avocado conditions. Chamomile & Aloe vera soothes. For all skin types, including very sensitive .”

When I’m in a shop, like in Sephora on the Avenue Hausmann in Paris, my eye is immediately drawn to anything that says “ cream cleanser “ …. That’s why I picked up this one, for a try. Not a bad choice, but I disagree with the “all skin types, INCLUDING SENSITIVE “ claim, as for me, it’s already a borderline case, due to the noticeable presence of (some) aromatic ingredients (essential oils) , that feel quite stimulating on your skin. “Gentle” ? Hmmmm, not so sure.


On the other hand, when you’re a fan of a nice cream cleanser, and have a somewhat dry, DULL skin, this might just bet he right pick for you. The product definitely gives your skin a special feeling, I guess the – typically PIXI – clay part, plays a role in this.

I’m not sure this product would remove all make-up for ladies who use a full make-up (concealer + foundation), but it’s surely good for some lighter make-up like a tinted SPF. In case you wear heavy make-up, use it a a second cleanser, after make-up removal.

Positive points : definitely a “typical” PIXI product, due to the special formulation with diatomeous earth (clay). Skin feels very soft & VERY CLEAN. Stimulating effect for dull skins

Negative points : I feel some essential oils are quite present and could pose a risk for sensitive skins !

Overall : not bad, not fabulous either.

Texture : clay/cream

Skin types : all (according to the brand) ; my opinion : not for sensitive skin

Use : morning cleanse or second cleanse in case you’re using full make-up






Recently Ici Paris XL Belgium reached out to me and asked me to test their FULL Time Anti-Ageing Skin Care Line. I gladly accepted, as I’m always interrested in finding good products form y readers. MEANING : YOU !!

The line consists of :

  • Cleansing Balm
  • Daycream
  • Nightcream
  • Overnight Mask
  • Day Serum
  • Night Serum
  • Eyecream
  • Handcream with SPF 15

As I wrote in my previous (Skin Moments) article, I suppose Paris XL felt the need to create their own brand in order to offer a competitive price range for some of their clientèle. Not everyone can/wants to buy upmarket products.

Overall, the products are nice. I felt the textures are light, absorb quickly and are NOT STICKY to the skin. Which is a plus, isn’t it ? All feel good, cause no irritation whatsoever and I personally believe will be liked by many women (and men).


Fragrance is present, not overwhelming and in the “Lotus” type, I would say (but I’m not a “nose”, so some of you might feel different ; feel free to react if you think otherwise).

Pricewise, they can compeet with many of the drugstore brands we find nowadays. A cleanser will cost you around 13 Euros, a cream will be about 25.

Active ingredients are not present in hughe amounts (it wouldn’t be possible for this price), but there’s one that caught my eye, because it’s quite original : WU-ZHU-YU Extract, which comes from traditional Chinese Medicine.

Wu-Zhu-Yu extract comes from the small berries of a plant called Evodia Ruteacarpa and has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. In skincare, it has ILLUMINATING, BRIGHTENING properties and it fights dullness of the skin, leading to a glowing, more even complexion. Nice one, Paris XL !!

Furthermore we find some antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid for MOISTURE in the products.

I personally would present this line as a PREVENTATIVE rather than a full anti-ageing line, not only because of the choice of active ingredients, but also because of the light, airy textures. For more mature skins, textures might be a bit light, especially during winter …

BOTTOM LINE : if you are usually shopping in the lower price segment and are looking for an original skin care line, consider this one. It offers a range of original products with light, fast-absorbing textures. Great before make-up application, by the way.

A word of thank to Isabelle Poncelet and Christine Thyange from Içi Paris for asking my (humble) opinion J

Time Products are exclusively available at Içi Paris stores or through thei webshop.




As I told you in a previous blog, Sisley Paris is a big player on the luxury skincare beauty market and it has also becom one of my FAVOURITE of  most favourite brands. Such superlatives come from my passion I feel for their products !

Sisley masters the art of creating formulas that are not just lovely to use, but actually really WORK for the skin condition they are meant for. Botanical actives are their absolute specialis mand I have seldom seen such active formulas based on natural ingredients…

Crème Réparatrice pour le Corps is a botanical Body Lotion with a rich, creamy & velvety texture. If you’re struggling with dry winter skin (or hands), or just couldn’t find the perfect body cream/lotion for your typical dry skin’s needs, I urge you to try this one.

I know the price is upmarket, but it’s definitely word saving fort his one, because it delivers absolute results. Gentle & EFFECTIVE, nourishing yet not sticky. Smells divine and absorbs quickly, leaving skin supple and smooth.


The formula is made up af a mix of nourishing plant oils and a hint of essential oils (they serve also a a natural fragrance). Just enough to enjoy, but still very much ok for sensitive skin. My skin loves it and I’ll get my second one soon !

Some of the active ingredients highlighted :

  • Carrot Oil : antioxidant & extremely nourishing
  • Biosaccharides : hydrating action
  • Chestnut : improves microcirculation
  • Karité : nourishing and a source of essentiel fatty acids
  • Allantoin : skin calming
  • Phytosqualane : derived from olives, mimics skin’s natural defence barrier

Skin type : all, especially dry (Winter) skins

Age : all, but I think especially after 30, when skin tends to “need” a bit more nourishment.

Texture : creamy, absorbs quickly.






I got the inspiration for this article from a question recently got : “ Is brand xxx clinical or not ?”

Without mentionning the brand this person asked me about, my answer was short & direct : “no, it is NOT, as you can buy it in a perfumerie store ….”

Shocking as this may be for some of you, my answer to the question “ What brands are truly clinical” is led by the following ideas :

  • Products that are available from perfumeries, beauticians or department stores generally are formulated, to be tolerated by all skin types, even sensitive ones. This inevitably means that concentrations, pH-values and combinations are adapted to a larger public.
  • Products from brands sold or prescribed by dermatologists, or sold at private clinics / in doctors’ offices DO take the risk of possible irratation/adaptation time, as patients generally are supposed to come back for follow-up treatments.
  • Products sold in perfumeries do not need clinical trials to prove their effectiveness.
  • Products sold by doctors/clinics do generally have (lots of) clinical studies to prove their claims.

Next question that rises is : “Are clinical products always better ?”

Honestly : No, I don’t personally thinks so ….. BUT, they will give you more RADICAL and faster results than any other product. This, for me, is a FACT.

Being an ambassador for the Neostrata brand (AND it’s daughter brand Exuviance, both owned by Johnson & Johnson), I know what clinical trials & tests mean and what a truly clinically formulated product can do. That’s why I simply get angry when I see other brands claiming to be “clinical” simply by the fact that they use certain ingredients. “Clinical” sounds good and makes sales go up, it’s as simple as that. But ask these brands for THEIR own clinical studies ….. You won’t get them, because they don’t have them.

There are several good clinical brands available. There are some excellent non-clinical brands available. But there is a lot of confusion too. That’s why I felt the need to write this article. I’m generally a nice & easy person. But just don’t get me angry. Especially not in the cosmetics field 🙂


Blue Light Shield


Super Hydrating

Youth Protector

“The perfect partner for everyday life” . “Fights the harmful effects on the skin induced by al types of pollution. Indoor, Outdoor and from NEW TECHNOLOGIES (Blue Light). Sheltered, the skin is optimally protected, it’s youth is preserved”.

Let’s face it, high-end skin care can be luxurious and efficaceous at the same time. This product, in my opinion, certainly combines both. Sisley Paris just masters the art of making delicious products that simply do what they promise.

Active ingredients in the product are :

Adenosine : energizer

Hydrolyzed Pea Extract : the peptides have a stimulating effect on COLLAGEN production

Panax Ginseng Root Extract : powerfull ANTIOXIDANT, thus Cell Protection

Ginko Biloba Leaf Extract : the same

Actidia Chinensis Extract : Kiwi Fruit Extract also has powerful ANTIOXIDANT properties

Hence, quite a few interresting ANTIAGEING ingredients, gathered in a ever-so-lovely smooth & silky texture.


The product has no parabens and doesn’t contain mineral oil, in case this might worry you. I personally do not avoid product containing these ingredients, but some of you may have an issue with them…

BOTTOM LINE : the product delivers what it claims. Very nice texture, lovely smell (aromatic). Can be used day & night. Good price for a Sisley product, by the way !

I personally use this both day and night. Day, I like it as a serum/under cream and under SPF. At night, I use it on its own or over a (Sisley) Serum or Essence (Sisleya).

Product type : day & night cream

Use : over a serum or under SPF

Texture : creamy, yet easily absorbed

Smell : lush !

Age : as a preventive from 25 years on, but good for oldies also J