With  Vitamin E & Glycerin

Very dry skin

I’ll keep it short, VERY SHORT.

This one is simple, VERY SIMPLE ; mainly Glycerin and some grease.

Don’t mean this any way negative.

It works. When you’re dersperate. Autumn has come and you get your “winter version” of your hands. Dry, chapped, even the most beautiful creams do not work. Try this one. Get yourself up to a Rossmann store in Germany or get int online. It’s a few bucks. Literally. But worth a million when nothing else does it.


I mainly use it for the back of my hands. In winter, not in summer. Far to “greasy feeling”. But for now, it helps me prevent and repair a lot of damage. The formula is lackluster, but it this case, that’s just great. Glycerin (super moisture-locking), some fatty acids (palm oil) and a tiny bit of vitamin E.

Stop. That’s it. Save your money for your face. Not that I don’t love luxuxry handcreams ! I do !




Family Shower Gel & Shampoo



0% Soap

I haven’t been discussing many body products on this blog since I ever started writing about products. Obviously, the focus is more on facial skincare rather than on body care, but I thought it would be nice – in the future – to discuss some body & hair products too.

Moussant Familial is a nice, gentle and really “all over” body & hair product, that offers a good ALTERNATIVE for those of you who are seeking for an SLS or SLES free body wash. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and its somewhat milder “brother” SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ester Sulfate, also know as Sodium Laureth Sulfate) are not favorites amongst many bloggers. Let me try to explain to you why.

In order to make a product FOAMING (not : “cleansing), you need substances that are known as “surfactants”. There are many surfactants on the market, but the most commonly used ones in cosmetics (shampoos, body cleansers and facial foaming cleansers) are called “sulfates”. Most widely used are SLS and SLES. SLES has replaced its more harsh brother SLS since quite a few years now, but it’s still a substance that could EVENTUALLY, cause some irritation or dryness, if you’re senstive to it.


There is a tendency, amongst bloggers and beauty lovers, to seek for SLS/SLES free products, which I fully understand, but remember that a cosmetic formulation (and its result) depend on more than just ONE ingredient. Meaning : I have also been trying several SLS/SLES free prodcuts for both body and hair and my conclusion is, that some are truly MILDER, while others are actually even HARSHER than the other ones ….

The main problem is, is that a “sulfate” will always remain a “sulfate” and as it foams beautifully (like we like our cleansing showersgels to do), it will always be somewhat drying to your skin….

Anyway, this one is a great, gentle product that uses two mild(er) surfactants : Ammonium Lauroyl Sulfate (still a sulfate !) and Cocamidoprpyl Betaine, often used in “baby” products. There is also extract from Saponaria Officinalis, a naturally “foaming” plant, but it doesn’t replace the sulfate fully.

Its smell is very subtle, rather like a tiny bit of methol (which isn’t present in the product). The only frangrance ingredient present is Citrus Paradisi Oil (Limonene), but this product doesn’t smell of citrus at all.

I’ve been using it on both body & hair (like Cattier tells you to do) and it works well for my skin and hair, although it tends to be (much)  less conditioning than the shampoos I’m mostly using (will put some shampoo reviews on the blog soon).

Conclusion : nice, fresh product. Works well for  the entire family. Doesn’t dry out skin. Almost “fragrance free”.


Yes dears, I know …. It’s been a long time no see …. Sorry for that, but sometimes life takes you on a tour you didn’t plan.

Summer was a bit rough, lots of emotions and hard facts of life to get through. Don’t want to go into details, but when one of your beloved ones is urged to hospital in a crititcal state, everything else just becomes less important.

But I’m back. Battery filled. Good energy & good vibes J

By the way : CHER was back also ! Did any of you see her in Amsterdam or Sportpaleis Antwerpen ?

She’s AMAZING !! 73 and still rocking and looking better than ever. “Genes & gymnastic” (like she always says) DO pay off, obviously. It gives me hope for the future. Keeping fit is soooo important !

Looking good, too, by the way. So let’s focus on some new brands I’ve been trying out/working for lately. I hope you will like them. Of course, Neostrata and Exuviance are still there. So is the German Klapp Cosmetics. The new ones are French and I LOVE them. You’ll see, I’m sure you like them too !


Vive la France, i’d say and enjoy some new articles !


Refreshing Skin Tonic

Active Ingredients :Hydrogen peroxide, essential oils.

Sometimes there are products you just don’t get. Formula-wise, I mean. Sometimes you’e amazed about how wonderful a product can be, sometimes you’re left speechless and just think : “what the f… were they thinking when making this formula”…..


This is one of the RARE cases I just cannot find ANYTHING positive about a product. Yes, sure, “refreshing” it is, but at the cost of a lot of oxidation (hydrogenperoxide, potentially damaging your skin cells), PLUS a whole lot of – yes I know, LOVELY – essential oils, which do NOT make things better.

So I’m left speechless, with the only advise there is to give you : skip this one, even if it was a present (mine was), even if it feels sooo refreshing and smells so nice. This is definitely a NONO option for me.


With Acerola

“A highly effective concentrate of water-soluble vitamin C, enriched with Acerola. This superfruit is rich in vitamin C and works as an antioxidant. Skin ageing and dehydration are prevented, free radicals are neutralized  and collagen and elastin production are boosted. Skin’s moisture balance is improved and discolorations are visibly reduced”.

For mature skin, wrinkles, age-spots and discolorations, sun damaged skin.

I fully agree.This must be one of the stronger vitamin C products on the market, using Ascorbic Acid in a stabilized, watery solution. Ascorbic Acid is extremely difficult to stabilize in a cosmetic products, reason for which many brands look for other, more stable alternatives like MAP and SAP (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate). Some skin care experts, however, consider the Ascorbic Acid form to be more effective. I personally don’t really have an opinion on this and believe both options can be great, depending on skin type and problems one has to treat.


The reason for putting this product in the “stronger section” (meaning it will have a percentage of about 15-20 percent Vitamin C), is that I personally can NOT use it while I’m on Retinol or AHA’s (Fruit Acids). My skin just cannot take all these actives together.

On its own, however, as a course of several weeks, this product is great. Powerful, lightening and giving skin a more even skin tone. I believe someone with serious hyperpigmentation problems/Melasma should absolutely check out this one. Great after acne too (think discolorations).

Texture :watery

Age group :all

Use :after cleansing, just using A FEW drops. Follow with moisturizer/SPF




With vitamines C,E,F.

If you’re looking for a not-too-strong, yet still active form of a Retinol product, with the benefits of some extra ANTIOXIDANTS and want it to be slightly moisturizing too, you should try out this Nazan product.

Netherlands-based Beautician Nazan makes a nice, still small, product line and was so kind to send me this one (along with two others – reviews will follow) for try-out.

I really enjoyed the light, rather watery texture that is absorbed by skin immediately. This Retinol product is very well tolerated by skin, although the dosage, according to Nazan herself, should be around 1 percent, which is quite strong for a Retinol product.

Maybe it’s due to the total formula, or depends on the delivery system of the product, but I have noticed no irritation or any other “symptom” of Retinol abuse Jwhile using it. Of course, I didn’t start using it on a daily basis, but used it alternating with the Nazan Vitamin C serum and the Hyaluronic serum.


I would say this is a nice product for someone who has used weaker formulas before and wants something effective, but not too strong.For me, it was an ideal “in between”, before moving on to a stronger version, and I will certainly use it again in future, during times I want something that is easily tolerated by my skin.

Texture :water-based, light, immediately absorbed.

Age :any

Skin concerns :skin texture, hyperigmentation/uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, acne

Use :build up use, starting 2/3 nights a week and gradually moving up to 5/7 nights a week.

Combines well with :any other “neutral” moisturizer or “anti-ageing” cream. ALWAYS use an SPF of 30 or higher when doing Retinol !!


“ Hydranov improves skins’ ability to lock-in moisture. From the very first application. It holds water molecules and works 3 times faster than hyaluronic acid. Hydranov is extracted from a red algae, Furcellaria lumbrilicalis and stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Skin becomes firmer and more supple and looks smoother & younger.”

Dehydrated skin, first signs of ageing.

To begin with :moisture serums are always great. Especially oil-free ones, like this one, because EVERYBODY can use one in his/her skincare routine.

This one just works great. I’m not sure the claims of being 3 times faster than hyaluronic acid, makes a real difference to skin, but it suerly does its job of hydrating/smoothing the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid serums are always a good idea. Wether you have dry skin or oily skin, are dehydrated or even acne-prone.Hyaluronic Acid will improve your total and GLOBAL skin condition and is ALWAYS worth the try.


I particualarly appreciate this product’s light, highly moisturizing, yet not-sticky-at-all texture. Is absorbed immediately. You can even layer it with other serum, works great underneath (I prefer) or on top. Great product to combine with AHA’s (Fruit Acids) or when you’re using some stronger form of Retinol (like me using Exuviance Retinol Booster).

For people suffering from acne, a hyaluronic serum (like this one) can represent a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT in skin healing as most dermatologic treatments tend to be quite DEHYDRATING and make skin HEAL less fast.

Texture :gel-like

Age :all

Skin type :all

Use :after cleansing, before another serum/cream/moisturizer/SPF



These are just a few tips I often give my clients to get a quick, simple, but almost INSTANT GLOWY DEWY LOOK. Nothing complicated, just a few steps to achieve a beautiful, heathy and luminous complexion.

Here we go :

  • Clean your skin like you always do. Not with a wipe, give it a good, serious clean with either a cleansing milk, lotion or gel. Balm & oil cleansers are great too !!
  • Use EXUVIANCE Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish.I recently discovered this one (review on the blog) and absolutely love it ! Massage for just one minute on humid face & rinse-off.
  • Use a MOISTURIZING ampoule, or Hyaluronic Acid-based serum.Favorites : Nazan Dermacare Hyaluronic, Iunik Bèta-Glucan Power Moisture Serum, Missha Night Repair Ampoule.
  • Put on a SHEET Mask, like Red-Apax or Hydra-Fill by Meder.These are wonderful, highly moisturizing & skin-plumping face masks. Leave it on for 20 minutes (yes these need some time to work, so you’ll just HAVE TO RELAX).
  • Remove the mask and apply an ESSENCE, like Missha Time Revolution or Exuviance Pro-Biotic Essence.
  • Apply a little bit of serum,in this stage I prefer a slightly creamy one, like Missha Time Revolution Vitality or Skin Calming by Exuviance.
  • Apply a tinted moisturizer, (with SPF during daytime), like HELIOCARE Gel Tinted (2 tones available), which will enhance the glow on your face. For some more coverage, a BB Cream like L’Occitane works well too.

And here you are ! Ready for the day (or night J) !


I’m honestly not all that into “face polishing” or scrubbing my face with any product containing “polishing” granules. I normally prefer exfoliating my skin on a daily basis, using either acid toner products or “stay on” fruit acid creams or lotions.

But this little gem is an exception to the rule….

As soon as you feel this product on your skin– and apart from the DIVINE SMELL – (yes thank you, I DO KNOW this is not what makes skincare great), you feel litterally THOUSENDS of small micro-particles touching your face. Massaging the product all over your face (and neck), you feel an intense, yet VERY controlled action of both the polishing granules AND the added GLYCOLIC ACID and PAPAYA enzyme, which act as “chemical” exfoliants.

The results are GREAT & IMMEDIATE !

This is what I clearly saw after just one application :

  • Refined pore texture
  • Brighter, luminous skin
  • Better hydration, skin is soft & smooth
  • Instant glow


What is there not to want from this product ?

I must admit it took me quite some time to even look at this product. Like I said, my experiences with face scrubs (even the expensive ones) are not great. Being an ambassador for the Exuviance products since a while, I just HAD TO test it. I’m convinced. Best scrub ever.And in fact, the word “scrub” is badly choosen. It a miracle in a jar, well tube, actually. A must have for all of you looking for a glowy skin.

Skin type :all, if very sensitive, ask for a sample before buying

Texture :creamy, millions of small polishing particles, DIVINE SMELL

Age : all, but especially over 30, considering the glycolic acid with anti-ageing benefits

Use: after cleansing your skin an before using any essence/toner/serum

Where to buy: official Exuviance depositories/ therapists



Intense regenerating serum

Moisture & Glow

All skin types

“ Our first liquid serum, shake to activate the power of millions of moisture micro-droplets. This exclusive dual texture melds instantly to penetrate fast and intensely restore skin’s glow. In one application, a visibly glowing skin and 24H of intense regenerating hydration. Even the dullest complexions are visibly transformed. Refined skin texture, more luminous skin complexion”.

For the record : I love French brands. I love Biotherm. I love serums.

I just think this one is a bit “overhyped”. It’s nice, definitely. It hydrates, absolutely. It will even improve your glow, I agree. But it’s just not some new skin-changing product you would think it is after reading Biotherm’s description.

Aura Concentrate is a dual-phase serum.This means no emulsifiers have been added. Normally, creams/lotions/creamy serums all have emulsifiers to mix up water and oil. That’s what emulsifiers are for. Without them, water and oil separate and you get a serum like this one. And you need to shake it up just to make both water and oil in the product mix together. Very nice it looks, but it doesn’t represent any improvement from the skincare point of view. Of course, it isn’t bad either.


Aura Concentrate does contain some nice, plant-based antioxidants, like Vitamin C and Nasturtion Extract, which means it will help protect your skin from environmental damage. There is Hyaluronic Acid too, for extra MOISTURE and Squalane (from olives), helping to restore skin barrier.

The formula itself is quite good (to my humble opinion) and will suit practically any skin type, from very dry to combination. Oily skins might not like the oil phase of this product.

One little drawback: the product has a nice, yet very distinct, citrus-like fragrance, which is quite strong. So in case you have very sensitive skin, this might be a problem. My skin, for example, will not tolerate it after a few nights of Retinol. Apart from that, I’m good with it and like using it on “dryer” skin days when I need that little extra glow Biotherm speaks about…. Good for your Aura !!!

Texture :water & oil, shake-up formula

Skin types: all

Use: after cleansing, as under your moisturizer/SPF

Ages: all, but I definitely you need more glow after 40 J